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Michael M


I just joined your group.  I will be moving to Phoenix from Lawrence, Kansas in mid-January.  I've been a historical miniatures wargamer for about 20 years and a board gamer for even longer than that.  I found your website online.  I was hoping to find a new historical gaming group once we moved to the area, so was happy to find your website.  I'll be located about an hour north of Mesa, but I am willing to make the drive to meet other historical gamers.

I am planning to bring a fairly extensive collection of 15mm and 28mm figures representing a number of periods.  Among my 15mm interests are Late Roman, Renaissance Ottoman-Polish-Russian and 19th century wars.  In 28mm, my collection includes the French and Indian War, American Revolution and War of 1812.  I also have a collection of 28mm Wild West and 1920s Gangsters for skirmish gaming.  I also collect 1:1200 American Civil War and 1:2400 Pre Dreadnought naval.  I'm continuing to work on other periods, although I'll have to put that on hold until we finish the move.

I hope to hear from you and to meet the group early next year!

Michael Machell

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