Sale on plastic utility boxes at Bass Pro Shop



This is just a heads-up that Bass Pro shops are having a sale on Utility Boxes (aka Hobby Boxes, Craft Boxes, etc.).  5 for $10.   That's $2 each, for the mathematically challenged................
I bought 10 for $20.   Normally boxes of this size go for anything from $6-$10.

These are the clear plastic boxes about 9 inches x 14 inches, longitudinally divided with individual plastic separators that you insert yourself to make small compartments.   Very useful for storing 15 mm stuff in particular.   These are good quality boxes with separate hard plastic fasteners - not the molded on sort you can get at Harbor Freight, which break off after relatively little use!!!

The only Bass Pro Shop that I know is off the north portion of the 202, just south on Dobson.   From the north 202, exit (southward) at Dobson.   At the first light turn left onto Bass Pro Drive (really! - it's apparently a private road although it looks just like a city road).   At the next light turn left into an extensive mall.  Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World is the huge building visible straight ahead.

Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World is a bit difficult to identify because everywhere on the outside it is labelled "Outdoor World".    It is only inside the building that you see the Bass Pro Shop name.  According to the cashier, the whole facility is however owned by BPS. 

They are having a "start of season sale" until March 4th.  The boxes are in bins in the central corridor on the west side of the building.    There were 2 bins full of these boxes, but one was empty by the time I got there yesterday, so I would go sooner rather than later if you are interested.   There is a lot of other outdoor gear for sale, so be forewarned that you may be tempted to injure your credit card (Fisherman Kevin, you have been warned!).


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