Time Commanders - a BBC program which might be revived


Saw a news item about a possible resurrection by the BBC of a program called Time Commanders. Below you will find the link to the article.   It includes a further link to a sample battle of the original series.


I think I saw one episode way back when.   That one was the battle of Pharsalus - Caesar vs. Pompey.

Each episode featured a different battle.   A team of amateurs (in the case of the sample program from early 2000's below, the team was 4 vicars (in the course of the refight the moderator says one of the ministers should have been a 19th century evangelical preacher, he is so aggressive!!) try to refight a famous battle from history on computer screens.   Two or three historians or military specialists act as expert advisers on how the armies will fight  / judge as to defeat or victory.    The computer battle is based on the game Rome at War.   There are a couple of pauses in the action to allow the team to regroup.

The battle in this sample episode is Teutoberger Wald, the 9 AD massacre of Varus and his legions by Herman and his boys.......   The program lasts about 45 minutes but I think you will find it quite enjoyable.

Here is the article about the possible reappearance of the program:   Obviously for us to see the revived program it would have to show up on BBC America.


The BBC Wants to Bring Back Time Commanders

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