Warnings about a painting service - Quartermaster painter or Shane in Toledo




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I was afraid this was the guy.  His name is Shane, and he lives in Toledo.  Said he was a college student earning extra money.  He told me he was going to set up a name for his painting service, and it was quartermaster something.  Yeah, I sent him a bunch of 10mm Napoleonic Russians.  After an incredibly short six weeks he said they were done and asked for payment...about $310.  I sent it promptly.  He sent me some partially painted artillery pieces, and then some infantry that wasn't even finished, and finally after me begging him for about eight months he returned most of my figures...unpainted or primed horribly...and when I explained that I really didn't think it was fair of him to keep my money after not painting my figures, he offered to send me a refund.  He sent $50, and kept the other $240.  I've never received any replies since then.
Anyone dealing with this quartermaster painter, or Shane in Toledo, should beware.  You'll get screwed.

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Quartermaster seems to have a habit of stuffing people.  Last summer I did a deal with him for 60 28mm Romans.  After a short delay I did get 51 of them.  When I asked about the missing figs he said he had them and was sending them along with an extra figure or two which he had found with the missing figs ( which he claimed had been stored separate from the batch of figs I had already received) .  He did start a mailing label, but the missing figs, if they really existed, never made it into the postal system.  I was in contact with him many times trying to get this worked out.  Finally I wrote and asked either send the figs or give me a refund for the missing items.  Sent this on a Friday and asked for a resolution by Monday.  He wrote back and said that was fair, that was the last message received from him.  Needless to say no refund or figs have been received.  I wasn't totally scammed, but certainly Quartermaster wasn't totally honest either.  I hope he does better by you.  

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