colonial campaign - more pics up


A few turns ago the French discovered the lost city of Zinj.  However, to it's current worshipers and defenders, the Kilimali, it was not lost, it had been there all along, and it was holy, forbidden, etc.  After a bitter battle, the French drove off the fanatical defenders and entered the city for some good old plundering.

Unbeknownst to the French, the descendants of the city's builders are still around, and none too pleased.  The Zinj have come to liberate the city, led by their Great Moochakka, and some Kilimali allies.  The Moochakka has tried to use his mystical influence with the old gods of the jungle to persuade fierce animals to come to his aid - and it worked, somewhat.

There was hard fighting among the ruins, but in the end, the French firepower was too much, even for the fierce animals. 

Rules used were Field of Honor, battalion level.

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