Re: Friday night game


Well, the game is STILL not over.

We only had four players so things moved rather slowly.

The French slammed into the Prussian line just south of St Amand.

The assault has pushed across the river and a deep salient now has formed.

The Prussian defense has solidified and the lines seem to have stabilized temporarily.

The French Young Guard formed assault columns and charged across the bridge at St Amand.

But the Prussian defenders repulsed them soundly.

The French have now begun moving their artillery up closer to  St Amand and are expected to begin bombarding the town soon.

French assaults across the river just north of Ligny met with initial success and destroyed a Prussian Landwehr brigade. However, the attackers were over-extended and lacked adequate supports so the Prussian counter-attack was able to shove them back across the river and the Prussian line solidified.

The French Guard cavalry division's arrival on their left flank was able to shoo the Prussian cavalry away and solidify the flank.

The rest of the line experienced minor skirmishing and long-range artillery fire.

The game is still set up and will resume on April 3rd.

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