Sadly RIP Bob Coggins


From a friend of mine, Ken Bunger, a member of the Seven Year's War Association...........

I met Bob in the late 70’s and have been his friend ever since.  I would see him at conventions and on business trips.  I introduced him to my girlfriend’s brother in Baltimore whereupon they both spent the rest of the night discussing Bob’s other passion, sports cars.  As Steve mentions above, Bob’s depth of knowledge, which I found incredible, extended to many periods of military history.  For this year’s Historicon, Bob had a room at the hotel that I reserved for him in my name.  His stroke, the day before the convention prevented him from attending.  Bob, the day after the stroke, found the energy to e-mail me that he would of course pay for the room!  I shall miss him very much.


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From: Steven R McHenry [mailto:srm_klr@...]
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2014 7:24 PM
To: 'Ken Bunger'
Subject: Robbert Coggins has passed away


This is just a brief note to make all the members aware that Robert Coggins, the co-creator,  with Craig Taylor, of Napoleon’s Battles passed away this afternoon. He had been ill for several years and this past Wednesday he suffered a stroke as he was preparing to go to Historicon. The stroke precipitated a fall sometime on Thursday evening or early Friday morning and he was admitted to the hospital on Friday afternoon.  He passed away at Union Memorial Hospital today, Monday July 21, 2014, in the late afternoon. He is survived by his brother, Richard. The funeral arrangements are not complete at this time. His brother will be making all the arrangements.


I have known Bob for over 30 years, having met him when we both started playtesting Napoleonic games for Avalon Hill, where his and Craig Taylor’s Napoleon’s Battles first saw the light of day. The fourth edition of these rules will be published by Captain later this year. It is unfortunate that he will not be here to see that event. It says a great deal about his vision for the rules and their quality that a new edition is forthcoming and that they are still being played today, so many years after their initial introduction. 


On a personal note; he introduced me to miniature wargaming as I had been a boardgamer since the 1960s. His enthusiasm for and his knowledge of history, particularly Napoleonic History, is well known. He dragged me kicking and screaming into the miniatures aspect of wargaming and even painted my first unit (15mm British for an Empire III game) to encourage me and get me started. He attended the infamous Wally’s Basement meeting that led to the creation of HMGS and managed the Historicon convention for some 10 years or so in the 1980s and 1990s, growing it to what it is today. His contribution to this hobby we love and to the serious aspect of it as a way to look at history is impressive and should not be forgotten. We all owe him a debt, whether we have played his game, been involved in Napoleonics or other miniature gaming or just attended one of the HMGS conventions that he helped found. To me he will always be one of the lions of our hobby.  For the last few years as his heart condition worsened, limiting his mobility, I increasingly played a “duty driver” role as he lived close by, and was always amazed at the depth and breadth of his historical knowledge, not just in Napoleonics, but in ancients (where his interests in miniatures began long before I met him) and so many other areas.  We all have our stories about Bob. We all have our memories of Bob. Let us keep him in our thoughts.

– Steven McHenry


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