Re: Saturday's Game

Randy Burnett

Been holding off replying b/c I wasn't sure of my availablility for Sat - but i am about 90% sure I can make it.  But, I'm new to the group and this would be my first event.  Even if there's no more room to play, i'd like to come out to meet some folks if that's ok - so could i get directions and time?  Thanks - my name's Randy

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 10:49 AM, <TinDictator@...> wrote:

This coming Saturday will be our next game. I'll be running a 28mm WWII Bolt Action game of an American assault on a German supply depot, somewhere in France. 

Lots of terrain, lots of interesting weapons, lots of cunning twists. 

Be there, or forever be considered a loser by all who know your name.


Room for 10'ish players.


Need directions?   Ask.


As always, RSVP's are appreciated.

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