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Since I find I have more stuff than room I am selling the following books

Civil War

“Fighting Men of the Civil War” by William C Davis

“Commanders of the Civil War” by William C Davis

“Battlefields of the Civil War”   byWillian C Davis

These are oversize hardback books with lots of pictures of period equipment and osprey like illustrations

I’m asking for $7.50 each of $20 for all three.


“The Civil War” by Ken Burns  (hardback, Very Good condition)     Companion to the PBS series….$8


“Lee’s Terrible Swift Sword” by Wheeler   (hardback, good to fair condition)…..$5


“Combat: Civil War” by Don Congton  (Hardback, good condition)….$5


“The Fredericksburg Campaign” by E. J. Stackpole  (Hardback,  good condition….$5


“They Meet At Gettysburg” By E. J. Stackpole (Hardback,  good condition….$5


“Lee:  The Soldier” Edited by Gary Gallagher (Hardback, very good condition)….$8


“Pickett: Leader of the Charge” By Longacre (Hrdback, good condition)……$5




World War II


“Almein”  by Jon Latmer  (hardback, very good condition….$10


“Steeds of Steel: A History of American Mechanized Cavalry in World War II” by Harry Yeide (hardback, very good)…..$10


“The Fall of Crete” by Alan Clark (hardback, very good condition)……$5


“Experiences of the War: The Third Reich” by James Lucas (hardback, very good condition)……$5


“Experiences of the War: The British Sodier” by James Lucas (hardback, very good condition)…..$5


“Red Tails Black Wings” by John Holway (hardback, very good condition)……$10


“Frozen Hell: The Russo-Finish war  By Willian Troter Paperback, good condition)……$4


“The German Order of Battle: Panzers and Artillery in World War II  By George Nafziger  (Hardback, very good condition…….$15


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