Re: More free stuff


Would be interested in the Fridge and the Grill

From: The Tin Dictator
To: Table_Top_Gaming_Society@...
Sent: Friday, April 5, 2013 12:24 PM
Subject: [Table_Top_Gaming_Society] More free stuff
I still have three wooden bar stools left if someone wants them.


Three bookshelf units. Brown, one has a couple doors on the bottom, the other two have all shelves. 6' tall x 30" wide each.

The small fridge that was in my war room. Works fine its just been replaced by a big one.

A large grill. Also works fine but we got a new free bigger one from our landscaper so this used one is up for grabs.

A kids room sterio. Nothing special, works fine. Has two speakers. Plays music.

Everything goes to the first one to claim them.
... and pick them up.

So, let me know.


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