1812 Americans for sale

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Hello all,

Thought I would post this here and give everyone locally a shot before I post this to Ebay.

I have a gently used WarHammer Fantasy Battles Rule book (Newest Edition Hardbound) - $35.00 (retail rate new is $74.25)

I also have some 15mm Old Glory 1812 American minis up for sale. The Americans are all new, never primed, some bags are opened, but all the minis are in new condition. I have a TON of these guys:

WET10 - 2 - Stovepipe Shako Advancing (48-50 figs per pack)
WET11 - 1 - Stovepipe Shako March Attack (48-50 figs per pack)
WET12 - 1 - Battentina Advancing (48-50 figs per pack)
WET15 - 5 - US Light Dragoons (16 figs each)
WET16 - 2 - US Artillery (6 guns, 24 crew)
WET17 - 1 - American Generals, Colonels and Staff
WET18 - 2 - KY Rifles (48-50 figs per pack)
WET20 - 1 - Southern Indians (with bows and tomahawks) (48-50 figs per pack)
WET21 5 - US Militia in Top Hats with Command (48-50 figs per pack) - These figs are generic Militia and could easily be used for militia of any country in the era.

The going rate on Oldglory15s.com is $20 per pack - I will sell them for $17 per pack or $300 for the lot (comes to $15.00 per bag) OG has pictures up of all the figures if you want to see what they look like out of the bags. Please let me know if you want all or some of any of it. I can meet anywhere in the valley and am open to cash, Paypal or equivalent retail trade in paints, brushes, terrain (6mm and 15mm houses, forests, trees, hills etc), 15mm Napoleonic French or Austrians - contact me and we can talk.

Feel free to contact me via email at alyx.lunceford at gmail dot com, call or text me at 602-two zero six-9four6two. Pictures available upon request.

Thanks! and happy hunting!

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