Re: Borodino aftermath


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All the figures are now sorted.
Larry and Alyx have already picked theirs up.
John, Dave, and Mark can collect them next time you come over for a game.
I will only charge the minimum $3,000 / Day storage fee.
Plus whatever tip you feel is appropraite, of course.

Also, Missing two tape measures.
The other tape measures are quite sad and miss their siblings.
They were some of my favorite tape measures. Small, yet surprisingly
Little silver gems in an otherwise cold, cruel atmosphere of pretend war
and rules lawyers.
So, all of you check your pockets.
[JC] I can't play on Saturday 22nd, but should be able to call by around 5.30 pm on that day to pick up the figs if that's OK.

Not guilty on the tape measure - brought my own each day. Has a short chain with a clip that lets me attach it to a belt loop.


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