Stuff for Gettysburg 2013?


This is mainly directed at Larry who was describing yesterday his plans to probably stage a three day Gettysburg game next year.

As I understood Larry's description the rules are set up around each regiment being a single base with numerous figures on it. I was doing some closet cleaning today and found I have a bunch of nicely painted figs, mostly Stone Mountain, both CSA and USA that I picked up at a Mid West con about a year ago (they apparently were from the personal collection of George Johnson, the guy who ran the second hand miniatures operation, GaJo. George sadly passed away a couple of years back and some buddies were selling his stuff on his widow's behalf).

The 15 mm figures are based 10 to a base, on 40 mm x 20 mm bases. I have 12 bases of CSA and 36 bases of USA (you can always sell Reb stuff at cons, but the US stuff moves much more slowly - somehow people forget it takes two armies to fight a game :-))

Normally I would rebase these to match the stuff I already have (4 figs on a 1" x 1" base) but if they would be useful in the Gettysburg recreation I can hold off and let them be used for that. So let me know!?


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