Informational - HMGS PSW Miniwars Con & USS Iowa visit October 2012



There is a HMGS convention held in the LA area twice a year called Miniwars, which is of course largely (but not entirely) historical miniatures. The next event will be at a Guard Armory on the east side of LA in the city of Azusa on Oct. 20th. In addition to the convention, a special tour has been arranged of the battleship USS Iowa, which was recently moved to Long Beach.

Here is an email from Harmon Ward, the V-Pres of HMGS PSW:

"USS Iowa visit with the HMGS-PSW Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:38 pm (PDT) . Posted by: ""

As part of our Mini-Wars October Surprize HMGS convention we are planning a trip to the USS Iowa. This will be on Friday, October 19th before the convention and a number of our out of state members are planning on attending. We ae still working out the timing but this will be a great way to make a one day event into a two day extravaganza. We are planning on meeting the out of state members at the Iowa, touring the ship. That should take about 15 minutes. I have seen lots of tabletop versions of the ship and it doesn't look that big. Anyway, after that we will sit down for dinner down by the docks and wait for traffic to die down a bit. Then it will be out to Azusa and getting a good nights rest before Mini-Wars. We are trying to schedule a tabletop battleship wargame for that Friday onboard but we are not sure yet if that will be possible.

The Iowa currently only has one tour available. They plan on eventually opening up four tours, so we will be returning from time to time to see what else there is to see.";

The Azusa location is a large hall and AFAIK they are looking for games. Unfortunately I have to attend a work related conference that weekend.


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