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Mark K


i will be there to drop off figures for the borodino game....cant stay for the sat. game

after your stinging rebuke of my oob for IV corps italians, i took to my bed for 2 days to recover...hen i reviewed my oob.

you were right..i missed 2 itl batteries in thecorps art. reserve.  i still dispute the honor guards not being there..so be it.
But.. regarding the 4 itl chasseur reg... the corps cav. div had 2 brig.  the 12th consisted of the 9th 19th chass.  which were froggie.  substantiated more by the fact that the itls only had 4 chass. regs.  the 13th brig. had the 2nd and 3rd chass. which were itl/

do not worry, the figures have been ordered and should be painted in time......hopefully

mark.....stickler pain in the ass

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