Re: Borodino

The Tin Dictator <TinDictator@...>

I checked your OOB against mine.
Mine wins. We need the following Italians:
6xgd inf btns                YES - 4 Line & 2 Light
3xbatt                           NO - 5 batteries
2xsq honor guards      
NO - Not present
6sq dragoons               YES - Correct
8xsq. chasseurs          
NO - 14 squadrons present
                                     ALSO - 1 Leader base needed

This may not all be just for that Corps.
But it  IS  all the Italians for the battle.
I posted the "Still Needed" list a few posts back if you need to compare.

On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 12:28 PM, <> wrote:
i have the wurttembergers covered
my oob for eugene's IV corps at borodino list the following itl troops
6xgd inf btns
2xsq honor guards
6sq dragoons
8xsq. chasseurs
i have all but 4xsq dragoons.  as we speak, these are being ordered
also in this corps are bavarian cav. reg..i also have themy 

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