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If your cousin's thesis is due by Labor Day weekend, won't his work on it be done by then?
I'd assume he'll have to turn it in on that Friday?
Anyway, What I was told was that there is a group of guys going to a convention in California over the Labor Day weekend and some of them had said that they "might" like to play in the Borodino game. I got NO definite committments. Just rumors.  Some of those rumored to be interested are on this group and have not spoken up so.....?  Lets give a couple days to see what's what.
Right now, the game is scheduled to be Sat - Sun - Mon (Labor Day) .
Also, Sorry that I forgot to mention earlier that Alyx is furiously painting abandoned artillery & runaway gun crews. We're thinking we may need a few.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 3:35 PM, Alyx Lunceford <alyx.lunceford@...> wrote:
I am able to play either weekend, preferably on Saturday or Labor day Monday. My cousin would like to play as well, but the chances of him being able to make it increases dramatically if it is pushed back a week as he has part of his doctoral theseis due labor day weekend.

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