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I am able to play either weekend, preferably on Saturday or Labor day Monday. My cousin would like to play as well, but the chances of him being able to make it increases dramatically if it is pushed back a week as he has part of his doctoral theseis due labor day weekend.

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On checking on troops.......
I hope to bring over my troops on August 11th (presuming a game is on).   It would be good idea indeed to have a parade turnout of the figs :-)
On working on the table this weekend........
Sorry, tied up most of the day, although I might be able to call by at 6 pm-ish if you wish and if it is not too late in the day to be calling?
On moving from the Labor  Day weekend..........
I am able to play the following weekend if necessary.    I think your point about knowing how many extra players would appear if the weekend were changed, is the essential question.   If changing the weekend would not increase player numbers but just lose us a day of gaming I would not favor the change.   If on the other hand there would be an definite increase in numbers then a change might be a good idea.
Whatever is decided I would like to know fairly soon, so that if necessary I can make alternate plans for Labor Day weekend (probably go visit with some gaming buddies in LA or such).
Just my 2 cents,

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I'd like to finish up on the terrain table this coming weekend.
I'm hoping that some of you will be able to come by on Saturday.
What's left to do??
- finish putting the resin in the rivers
- finish the forests
- paint the table edges
- create some terrain cloths to cover the cracks between boards
- congratulate each other
- drink beer
- eat pizza
I show Me, David, Larry, John, Mark, and Rolland as providing troops.
But we really need to do a physical inventory to asses where we stand.
All troops seem to be covered except the Italians, Croats, and Wurttembergers right now.
It would be nice if the guys who will be providing figures could begin bringing them over.
We can sort them and put the tags on them.
There are bound to be some missing units that we thought we had covered.
Its better to find that out early rather than on the day of the battle.
ALSO:  It has been asked whether or not we might move the game to the following weekend of Sept 8th - 9th because some of the Northern guys are intending to go to a convention in California on Labor Day weekend.  I have not been given any indications that those guys will definately be interested in playing Borodino but I'm told there is some interest. 
The battle was fought on September 7th, 1812 so the change would move the game closer to the anniversary date. But, switching weekends will reduce the game to two days rather than three since it won't be on a holiday weekend. More players will definately be better since the battle is so big. But I also know that some of us have specifically made plans to have the Labor Day weekend available for this.
Thoughts ??

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