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Unfortunately I am working on Saturday, so cannot attend.

I think it would be good if Rolland's situation could be definitely established one way or another. Apart from the Italians as I recall he is also bringing the Westphalians, correct?

We don't want to be scrambling if he can't make it and on the other hand if he is going to be there we don't want to duplicate troops he is going to bring.


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Each player will be pushing *AT LEAST* a Corps.
I would hope that players would stay on the same side over the weekend
rather than switching.

We will need an Italian Corps if Rolland doesn't come through.
Check the files section for the OOB.
I haven't heard from Rolland in quite a while so.... ???


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Would you mind sending me a link to the sale? I am interested to see what
french he has up and what austrians. I need to fill some holes in my french
list and need to get an Austrian army.

I have brits, russians, 1812 americans and french. If provided with a
paint scheme and the figures I may be able to get a unit or two painted
depending on size if someone has italians we need see my
quality of painting, feel free to see my work on my blog

Thanks for your answers on my previous post.
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Let me see how I do answering these:

1) Commands will depend on how many people we get. I am thinking we will
have 3 or 4 per side so you may end up with an entire Corps. or possibly a
2)No requests as far as I know. This will be a multi-day event so you
could be a Frenchy one day and a Ruski the next.
3) There is plenty of room for players. No worries about someone else not
being able to play. We will have around 6,000 figures (conservative)

On a related note:

I noticed that Rolland has put his French Army and his Austrian Army for
sale on TMP. This pprobably means WE NEED ITALIANS! I doubt Mark has enough
time to paint a batch of Italians to cover them. Anyone have anything we
can use? I have British and Portuguese and a few Dutch. Not much help but
in a pinch......

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Just full of questions today!

So in prep for Borodino, What level are we playing at? will each player
command a Division, a Corps? Also is there a preliminary head count and
any requested affiliations? I just want to make sure that by me signing up
that I am not displacing anyone else :)

I do have a pre-disposition toward the French forces - however I have no
qualms in killing them...I play Peninsular Brits and Portuguese so I have
no qualms pouring hot lead on the frogs!

If I am the french I would love to command De'Izon's Brigade (I have a
personal bone to pick with Tolstoy), or anyone under Davout.

As the Russians I would like to play as Tuchkov so I can shoot the Poles.
in true Russian fashion!

I am very excited about it all.


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