Alyx Lunceford <alyx.lunceford@...>

Just full of questions today!

So in prep for Borodino, What level are we playing at? will each player command a Division, a Corps? Also is there a preliminary head count  and any requested affiliations? I just want to make sure that by me signing up that I am not displacing anyone else :)

I do have a pre-disposition toward the French forces - however I have no qualms in killing them...I play Peninsular Brits and Portuguese so I have no qualms pouring hot lead on the frogs!

If I am the french I would love to command De'Izon's Brigade (I have a personal bone to pick with Tolstoy), or anyone under Davout. 

As the Russians I would like to play as Tuchkov so I can shoot the Poles. in true Russian fashion!

I am very excited about it all. 


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