Next Saturday's game will be Napoleonics

The Tin Dictator <TinDictator@...>

Next Saturday's game will be Napoleonics.
An epic struggle of monumental proportions. A no-holds-barred brawl that will become the stuff of legends told for generations.
The fate of Europe.... nay the world, may well be in play.
Those who miss this battle will be forever branded as cowards and should well hold their (wo)manhood cheap and lower their eyes when ever one who battles here walks by.
Snail eating frogs vs the sausage eating, big nosed remnants of the Holy Roman Empire. (French vs Austrians for those of you educated in public schools) 
... we aim to be equally offensive to all.   Lest we be branded as prejudiced.
Game starts at noon.
All welcome.
Call, write, or whistle for directions if needed.
We don't want to run out of beer.
So, As always, RSVP's are appreciated.

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