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There's not really a figure/man scale, per se.
Each Infantry Batallion has 6 bases. Cav have 4 bases.
Gun batteries are represented by a gun base for every two guns in a battery. So, typically French have 4 bases = 8 guns, Russians have 6 bases = 12 guns, etc.
But, when limbered the battery is only represented by one limber base. So its easier to lose the whole battery if it gets shot.
Losses are in bases, not figures.
The number of figures on a base is irrelevant. Kind of like Fire and Fury.
Musket range = 6"
Max heavy arty range = 24"  (Canister = 6")
Movement = 6" for infantry (4" in line)
Cav moves 12"     Arty moves 8"


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What's the figure scale and ground scale?

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