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I have ANV and AoP in 15mm. They are more or less organized for the Pennisula. Have run Fire and Fury games before with them. Will do a stand count, but I should have the bulk of the stands needed.


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All my ACW stuff is 20mm.

And I don’t have enough for Gettysburg.

The scenario books have smaller sections that are doable with what I have if we use F&F.

If someone wants to do the whole thing in 10mm or 15mm, I’m always up for a monster game.


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I have not done the entire battle, but I have done pieces of it. For the smaller engagements I favor Johnny Reb 2 rules. I am not as familiar with 3 but the charge and morale rules seemed a bit out of wack when I have tried them. For the larger battles, Fire & Fury seem to work really well. A good push back and forth with ebb and flow before one side loses the will to fight. F&F uses a good mix of orders and formations along with rewarding tactics over just slam forward.

It sounds like a good project. Are you going for 10mm or someones garage with 15's?

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next summer is Gettysburg 150. I have never gamed G-burg, I was wondering if any of you had, what rules were used, and how fun was it? I know some battles are more exciting than others.

Perhaps the group already has plans to do this next year?


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