Re: Borodino fast play rules

kochese <kochese@...>

You have never worked slavishly in your life. I will be going to a my son's wedding that day. So you will have get along without my august presence.

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 8:33 AM, The Tin Dictator <TinDictator@...> wrote:

So, I have been working slavishly to create a "Fast Play" version of Imperial Lances for the Borodino game.
I believe I have succeeded. However, the proof will be in the playing.
Therefore, Saturday, the 19th will be when we take our first whack at the new-and-improved-streamlined-upgraded-and- sexually-satisfying masterpiece that is "BORODINO FAST PLAY".
Let those who are weak of heart stay abed whilst we brave few battle on !

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