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The Tin Dictator <TinDictator@...>

I was just testing you all.
"I" can't work on the boards on Sunday.
......... Although, Karen is my wife, not my mother.
So technically she's not MY responsibility on Sunday.
Perfect logic right ?
But, because I'm such a GIVER. I will gladly sacrifice my time and spend it with her.
So, forget about Sunday.
That's my story.
The rest of you shut up!


On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 4:49 PM, David Manley <davidmanley2@...> wrote:



Sorry, I'm tied up both days.  You do realize Sunday is Mothers Day?  Dave.

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I'm hoping to do some more work on the terrain boards this Friday.
Anyone interested in assisting ?
How about Sunday?

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