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I took a look through the site.
Looks like a good deal if you want the HO scale (1/72 or 20mm) figures.
You could build up an army pretty fast.
Remember that they are almost all soft plastic.
I thought we said we were all going to go with the 28mm figures for the Western Wars ??
Nevile, you even said you wanted the two painted wild west sets from Em-4. (28mm)
We'd better confirm our scale before we all go off in different directions.
For me personally, I'm going with either 15mm or 28mm.
The only 20mm stuff I have is my civil war stuff.
And that's pretty much done.
But, I'm not adverse to playing with someone else's figures.

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I have just struck gold!  Fishing around the internet tonight, I came across this link for an online store in the UK that ships internationally.  Not only do they have most of the airfix stuff, but also revell, italieri, and a gaggle of more obscure plastic historical mini manufacturers in OO scale that offer every conceivable miniature in every conceivable period that you can name.  Prices are reasonable (dirt cheap to affordable), and they ship internationally without soaking you for international shipping rates (most shipping prices are built in to the price of the minis).  The breadth of available miniatures for reasonable prices is nothing short of staggering!  Every conceivable Napoleonic nation (including French napoleonic ambulances!) is offered; not to mention colonials, crimean war, ecw, 7yw, awi, the crusades, etc (even polish winged hussars!);  the array of ancients available is beyond belief (war elephants from at least three different manufacturers).   Please follow the link below to the last page and see if you dont agree with me!  Enjoy!
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