15mm Successor army available for sale or trade

Tom Opalka

I have the following unpainted 15mm Successors to sell. All are by Old Glory 15's and new in the package. I do not want to break the lot up.

2 packs SS1 - successor command (mix of mounted and foot command)
2 packs SS4 - 9 companion cav each (18 total)
2 packs SS6 - 9 heavy cav each (18 total)
2 packs SS7 - 9 xystophoroi cav each (18 total)
2 packs SS8 - 9 tarentine cav each (18 total)
1 pack GL2 - 24 Gaul infantry
1 pack GL3 - 24 Gaul infantry
1 pack RRBG114 - 16 javelinmen
3 packs RRBG123 - 32 pike each (96 total)
2 packs RRBG124 - 48 pike each (96 total)
1 pack RRBG125 - 32 theurophori
1 pack RRBG127 - 16 archers
1 pack RRBG128 - 16 slingers
1 pack RRBG133 - 12 camel riders
3 packs RRBG134 - 2 elephants each (6 total with crew)

I would like to trade retail for retail for any of the following (looking for armies, not odds and ends):
15mm - ECW Scots Covenantors, Saxons/Anglo-Danes, Figures suitable for the Russo-Polish War, and possibly others like WWII depending on what it is
10mm - Pendraken or Magister Militum Warmaster Ancient or Medieval armies including Teutonics, Spanish, Arabs, Crusaders, Greeks and possibly others
28mm - Possibly Napoleonic Prussians, French & French allies suitable for the 1813 campaign
Terrain - 28mm buildings and fences suitable for the American Civil War, 28mm ancient greek temple ruins, 15mm terrain suitable for Normandy WWII, 10mm Orcish or dark age settlement
Rules - Warhammer Great War and Over the Top

Will also sell for $150 shipped in the US.


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