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You are doing the IV Cavalry Corps also right?
There are Westphalian Cuirassiers and Horse Artillery in that Corp as well.
Do you have them covered too?

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I can do the Croats.  There aren't that many of them.  Since they were converted Austrian Grenzers, I've read in some sources that they were in fact still in the Grenzer uniforms.  So if we just use them, I have them done already.

I can supply 12 more squadrons of French Cuirassiers at the moment.
I also have the Westphalians in VIII Corps covered.


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OK then....
I have the French Line Infantry covered. Plus extras.
I'm not counting the figures needed to fill the French formations that Rolland said he was doing.
But I have enough if necessary to do so.
I'm going to begin working on the French Imperial Guard.
I need some more Young Guard and the Cavalry to finish them off.
Otherwise, I need bunches of Frog Cavalry.
Who has French Cavalry?
I have some but we need to fill the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Cavalry Corps.
Particulary Chasseurs. We need 46 squadrons. I have 4.
And Cuirassiers. We need 40 squadrons. I have 18.
Rolland says he's doing the 4th Cavalry Corps.
So those numbers don't include them.
I have all the Portuguese, Spanish, Bavarians, Baden and Prussians covered.
John says he has the Poles covered.
Rolland says he has the Italians.
Saxons ???..................... Mark?
Wurttembergers ???....... Rolland and Mark?
Croats ???...................... ?
Russians ???.................. Dave R. and ?

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