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Don't forget supply wagons and caissons and limbers and.......

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Cool!  We're on our way.
That leaves only about 2,600 figures to go.   Yay!  [IMAGE] 
That includes the necessary leaders and ADC's too right ? 

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:52 AM, Rolland LaHaie <rollandlahaie@...> wrote:
I have the IV Corps and the VIII Corps for the French (almost) done.  I would like to volunteer to do the IV Reserve Cavalry Corps as well.  I would be willing to help with the V Corps, but can't take it all on by myself.

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I know the game is a year away, but its time we started figuring out where we stand for troops for the Borodino project.
The OOB labels are in the Files section of the Imperial Lances Yahoo group here: and also in the files section of this Yahoo group. Along with the label explanation sheet for those of you less familiar with the rules.
If your figures are based for another system already we can work around that by using sabot bases when the time comes. If they aren't based yet, you can get the base dimensions on "samplepages2.pdf"  on the Imperial Lances Yahoo group here:
Please take some time to look through your 15mm Napoleonic figures. Let me know which formations you can definately cover right now so we can can minimize any duplication of effort. I will keep track of who wants to play and which troops are accounted for on a master OOB so all the info is in one place.
I have a good chunk of the French. And some Russians. But I know I'll be short of cavalry.  I'll do a complete inventory this coming weekend.
There should be 20+ players in the game. Among that many we should be able to field the necessary troops. And a year gives us time to grab whatever we're still missing and get it ready.  If it isn't painted, it doesn't play.
And yes, I will begin working on the terrain boards in October. It will take a while. Anyone who wants to assist is welcome.
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