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Hi John.
Anything you can supply would be great!  I was going to take on V Corps (Poles) but you've definitely got their infantry and artillery covered, which means less stuff for me to buy!  5 NB bases of lancers covers one of the regiments in Imperial Lances.  I've got the other two that were in the corps, so that just leaves hussars and chasseurs to paint.  (And if we want some 12#'s for authenticity's sake).
For Imperial Lances infantry are based 6 to a 30x25 and cavalry is 2 for lights, and 3 for heavies on a 40x30mm base.  (I use 40x25, it's the width that matters).
I just finished re-basing about 1100 troops from Napoleon's Battles basing to this basing scheme.  It was a pain in the butt, but well worth it!
As I said, originally I was going to cover the V Corps, as well as the IV (Italians) VIII (Westfalians) and the IV Reserve Cavalry Corps.  (Allied Cuirassiers.  Saxons, Westfalians, and Poles). 
The OOB for all the units is in the Imperial Lances files section if you want to take on anything else!

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My name is John Curran. I have been a lurker on the list for a while. I am a historical gamer but unfortunately my time is limited, so I have not previously introduced myself. Saturdays are a difficult day for me (I work every third weekend, etc.)

However I noted your Borodino project and would like to participate. I can contribute 15 mm Russians and 15 mm Polish Duchy of Warsaw. They are based 4 figures to a base for Napoleon's Battles (which I probably have not played this century :-)).

Inventory is as follows:


6 Brigades of Russian LN - 34 bases
1 Brigade of Grenadiers - 6 bases
1 Brigade of Jaegers - 5 bases
6 12# Batteries

1 HC Curaissier Brigade - 4 bases
3 LC Brigades - 14 bases
2 Cossack LC Brigades - 8 bases
3 6# Batteries

Duchy of Warsaw:

9 Brigades Polish LN - 50 bases
6 6# Batteries
1 Brigade Polish HC - 6 bases
1 Brigade Polish LC (Lancer) - 5 bases
3 Brigades Polish LC - 16 bases

I don't have the original OB so some of these may need to be tweaked, but obviously the stated number of bases is available.


--- In Table_Top_Gaming_Society@..., "The Tin Dictator" <TinDictator@...> wrote:
> Since there appears to be a decent number of guys going to the Saturday game, I'd like to take the opportunity to discuss "Project Borodino".
> Maybe get updates on the status of our 15mm Nap armies and try to make some assessments of what we still need.
> The game isn't until Labor Day of 2012. But that time will fly by.
> My understanding is that Dave R. is doing the Russians. I don't remember if you're planning on also using mine also or if you're covering the entire army yourself?
> Mark and I were providing French. I'm WAY short of Cavalry.
> Rolland and Mark were providing most, if not all the minor allies.
> I am creating the terrain boards.
> Dave M. says he has some figures also.
> Anyone else have troops that need to get into the fight?
> The more people who can provide troops, the fewer we each have to paint up before the game.
> Bob

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