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My own bias is for a rule set that incorporates the use of playing
cards to determine parts of the outcome. We are, after all, dealing
with the Old West, adnd the use of playing cards just feels right,
somehow. This is the principal reason why I am partial to the
Napnut rules. They use dice for skill resolutions, and cards for
several other game mechanics. I have been unable to download them
for a number of reasons:

Principal amongst them is my lack of knowledge in how to translate a
file from an html into a pdf file.

Second, my printer has run out of cyan and magenta, which the site
uses extensively.

Third, the rules themselves are organized on the site as links from
the main html document, requiring the printing of each link's
document separately. As I had been about to board a plane for LA
when I looked at these in depth, I was unable to take the time to do
some of the elaborate work needed to put them together in a usable
form for the group.

If someone has the time, please look at them. You can access the
link through the freeware games website that Bob cited in a previous
post. Although their current format is a bit of a hassle, the rules
themselves are short, and look extremely workable. Thanks in
advance to whoever decides to tackle the download.



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Multi-period rule sets tend to be good at one period and mediocre
bad for the rest. But, If someone finds a rule set they like that
spans periods I'm willing to have a go.

I used to have The Sword & The Flame but I gave it away a few
ago to Adam (my son). I believe Nevile said he had a copy. You
fistfulls of dice as I recall. Here is a link to a fun site where
say they use the Sword & the Flame for their games.
Lots of inspiration.

I have the "Principles of War" series of rule sets. They use a
system but have specific additional rules for each period. They
more of a big battle rule set.

"Fields of Honor" is an example of one rule set that treats the
various conflicts of the 19th century the same. it however allows
players to use smaller or larger troop formations depending on
size of the battle.

Painting "How-to's" and Terrain Making "How-to's" and whatever
"How-to's" the guys want to do are OK with me. I am thinking of
building a western town for this new project so that could be
incorporated somehow if there's interest.

Dave, Richard hasn't joined the Yahoo group yet.
Can you check to see if he needs another invitation?



Quoting "david.rodgers83" <david.rodgers@...>:

I will not be ableto play that night. I can come over until 8:00
and then I will need to go to work. I will bring my troop
and ideas and we can discuss figures and whatnot. It is
that the 2 nights I had scheduled to work happened to be game

I should have 1 of the detectives you gave out painted so that
Michael and Richard can see that even a hamfisted person like me
paint figures. I will bring this as well.

I looked at the different sites for rules. TSATF is $30 plus
shipping unless someone already has it. These rules are also
for British colonial and Zulu scenarios. Whichever rules we
on should be usable for multiple arenas so that we can minimize
learning curve for the group. I know you had several other rules

Lastly, when I mentioned last time that we should have a night
we paint, discuss painting ideas and generally how to paint
I know Richard and Michael both showed interest. Is this
the entire group would benefit from or should I make arrangements
for the three of us to get together? I am far from an authority
painting techniques but I have learned a few things I can pass on
beyond the basics. Let me know your thoughts.

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