Hello & Welcome To The-Holidays-Are-Here. This is a Family Friendly Incredimail sharing group where we will be sharing the holidays. Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, St Patrick's Day, New Year, Canada Day and so many others(look at the graphic above). We also share Birthday and Anniversary Letters. Some Extras Are allowed as long as they follow the group theme of The Holidays but please keep in mind this is an Incredimail Letter Group. You must have and use Incredimail to be in this group. No Lurking! Please, No Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter Shares. My sister group, The 4 Seasons is for sharing of The Seasons. This is a Family Friendly Share Group NO AC, SAC, EAC CONTENT !!! NOT EVEN IN YOUR NAME TAG !!! NO Goth, Wiccan, Witches, Twilight, Satanic, Blood, And Gore Shares.  lately, in all my groups, I have the same few people join and leave over and over without sending me a message telling me why. After you do this several times you will be banned from joining again. Thanks for looking and I hope you join us in sharing, we'd love to see what you have collected.....I am so glad you've stopped by for a visit and hope you enjoy your stay! 

**If your a group owner of an advertising ad I advertise for and your checking to make sure I'm sending the ad to my group please just let me know that. This way I won't delete you for lurking or ban you.**

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