Test Equipment- for sale, wanted, exchange. Test-Equipment-For-Sale-Wanted-or-Exchange@groups.io

This is a group to allow people to buy/sell/swap/hire good quality new or used test equipment, or parts of test equipment such as individual PCBs, knobsi, manuals etc. Unlike auction sites, where sellers incur fees, no fees are charged, so items can be sold to buyers at a lower price than on auction websites.

Only list equipment that you have - not what you can source if someone wants one.

The equipment must be from manufacturers like Agilent, Fluke, HP, Keithley, Keysight, LeCroy, Marconi, Rohde&Schwarz, Stanford Research, Tektronix or similar. The list is not to be used for no-name cheap equipment from China, which frequently has specifications generated with a random number generator.

When making posts for an individual item, please, if possible, put the following information. (For parts, or manuals, use your own discretion).

  1. Manufacturer. If HP/Agilent/Keysight, state who it was made by. People will know an Agilent item is newer than an HP one, and Keysight is newer than Agilent. So don't write HP/Agilent/Keysight.
  2. Model number. Give a full model number if you are selling, such as "Agilent 8753ES 6 GHz vector network analyzer", rather than "Agilent 8753", as there are loads of suffixes.
  3. Serial number - or at least most of the S/N if you would rather not reveal all of it. The first part of the S/N often indicates the age of the equipment.
  4. Description. If you are selling an HP 5371A, then state in the post it is a 15 GHz Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer. Unless the reader is a test equipment dealer, they may not know what a particular model number is, but if they see a description, they will know if it is of interest to them or not.
  5. Photographs. You can attach photos to the email, but keep their size small. If you want to show high definition pictures, please post them on another site and give a link, or upload them to the files area of this group.
  6. Firmware version - almost all equipment has a firmware version.
  7. Any options - ideally a description of what those options are.
  8. Calibration status. Whether it has a valid calibration, and if so what company calibrated it. Does the calibration certificate contain measurement results? Does it give the uncertainties? Without further clarification, terms like "NIST traceable" are meaningless rubbish, as you can use a NIST traceable handheld 4.5 digit handheld multimeter to calibrate a 8.5 digit bench multimeter. The calibration would still be traceable to NIST, but the calibration totally worthless as the uncertainties would be far too high. If possible post a link to the calibration certificate - far too many certificates are not worth the paper they are written on.
  9. Condition. Do not write meaningless rubbish like "Comes from a working environment", as every working environment has a junk pile! If you write "Tested", say how it was tested. Nonworking or untested items may be listed, but please state that fact.
  10. Price. Anyone intersted will want to know what you are asking for something, but detailed haggling over the price between buyer and seller should be taken privately, not to the group.
  11. Payment methods accepted.
  12. Warranty - if any.
  13. Shipping - Will you ship the item, and if so to what locations? Shipping worldwide is not hard and increases your chances of selling an item.
  14. Where the item is shipped from? - This helps people make a judgement about likely shipping costs.
  15. The boxed weight and size - again, this helps someone make a judgement about the likely shipping costs. We appreciate you may not know that until you have a buyer and have found a box, so do not worry if you can not provide that information.
  16. Your contact details. Feel free to have a link to a company website if you wish, or disclose any username you may have on any auction websites.
  17. Please state if you are a trader. Our definition of "trader" is someone who buys test equipment or accessories such as cables, with the intention of selling them, rather than using it for themselves or their company. Even if you do this from home, on your own, you are considered a trader.
Feel free to post links to your eBay auctions.

If you are a trader and have an inventory far too large to list in an email, then please list a few items which you have a large stock of, so can offer a good price on.  Then, along with those few items, introduce your company, saying you have a large inventory, and providing links to your website, and/or eBay store.  Please use the list to try to generate business, but do not spam it.

Dr. David Kirkby
Kirkby Microwave Ltd (manufacturers of VNA calibration kits)

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