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As far as the less noise statement, the new owner actually says that is the case at the Xenia Hanvention interview conducted in June. He said it provided better shielding for the receiver.

On Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 07:55, Tim K9CQ #6602 <k9cq@...> wrote:

The company that owned TT when they had the fire sale tossed the molds that the front panels on all the rigs were made from. At least that's my understanding.  TT had a pretty good sheet metal and injection molding business going on originally and built cabinets for other companies.  Since they no longer had access to the injection molds or the equipment to do that, the most reasonable route was to reproduce the front panel out of metal exactly as it was in plastic.  The claim that it's more quiet because of that could be disputed but it can't hurt to have another layer of grounded metal between the electronics inside and stray RF that might get into the case. 

I never noticed any problem with that on either my Orion II or the Omni VII so for me it would be a mute point but it sounds good in marketing as an improvement on the "plus" version.

Tim, K9CQ

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