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Andrew Neumeier

Hi Clint,

Yep, I know, that was the first thing I tried with the Yaesu.  I put them on every cable before I realized it was probably coming from the display itself.  How bad it is depends on two meter band conditions.  If it's really quiet, then I see more of the rfi.  That rig sits just below my transverter, a Elecraft XV144.  So I suspect it is getting in that way, and appearing on the WSJT-X waterfall.  It's strong enough to be of concern with very weak signals.  The Omni is used with the transverter to put me on two meters.  The rfi will stop if I bring up the Yaesu's menu, which then covers the real time band display temporarily.  I suspect it is related to that.  I'm going to move the transverter soon, just gotta build the cables to do it.  I use the Yaesu primarily on six meters and like to have both rigs running to monitor both bands.  I'm pretty cramped here after additions to the station over the years.  I should re-design it.  Yesterday I placed a piece of tin foil on top of the Yaesu and it alone reduced the rfi some. 

The noise which appears to come from the Yaesu display made me wonder about possible noise from the Omni display and if the Plus is better.  I can't say I have ever experienced noise from the Omni display, if I am, I don't know it. 

Andy, ka2uqw

On Monday, July 29, 2019, 6:54:20 PM EDT, Clinton Millett <ve6cmm@...> wrote:

Hi Andy and Sandy,


You might want to try some of those snap on ferrite cores that we all have lying around.  They might solve the problem for you.



Clint, VE3CMQ

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My Omni is very quiet, but does hear the display from my FT-991a, it appears on the WSJT-x waterfall as vertical lines.  Noise from the display seems to be getting into my transverter, which is connected to the Omni.  It does not appear everywhere, just where I don't want it to be... of course.  I think it is the 991's real time display, but I'm not sure.  Turning the Yaesu off solves it, as does a piece of tin foil over the 991.  When I get around to building the cables, I'll just move the transverter.  I just wonder what this noise is that was referred to by Ten-Tec's owner, where it occurs, what it sounds like, etc.  I don't detect noise on the Yaesu from my Omni that I have seen/heard. 


That's it for now.



Andy, ka2uqw



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I must be lucky. I don't hear any noise from my O7 on my eagle or my Orion 2. It is equally as quite on receive as the other two radios. I was shocked by the claim the metal front plate made it quiter. Or maybe my hearing is worse than I think.


Sandy WB4EVH


On Jul 29, 2019 9:29 AM, "Andrew Neumeier via Groups.Io" <> wrote:

I am a bit interested in the statement by Ten Tec's owner about the O7 Plus, that it is quieter due to the new front panel and the shielding it provides.  I have recently been suffering from some rfi on two meters.  This appears to be generated by the display on my FT-991a, and entering my transverter, which will need to be moved now from it's current position in the station to reduce the problem.  I wonder just how much noise the O7's display generates, and where it is in the spectrum. 


73 to all,

Andy, ka2uqw




On Monday, July 29, 2019, 12:02:59 AM EDT, Richards <jrichards@...> wrote:



              I just worked my first Omni VII Plus, operated
                by Kent, K9ZTV in MO,
______________________________ ______

GREAT !!!    Good news.  There is never enough good news going around.

Kent will have to set a sked so we can all work him some day.


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