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Put your full name and amateur call in the comments section when applying for membership.   

This group is formed to assist others and exchange ideas and experiences with the Tentec Omni VII 588 transceiver.  This group is not owned or moderated by Tentec, or any of its owners, past or present.  This is a restricted group by membership only.  This is a discussion group as it relates to the Tentec Omni VII 588.   You are welcome to join the group.   This is a moderated site. 

This group is for hams to exchange information pertaining to the Tentec Omni VII 588 transceiver.   This group is comprised of those interested in all modes of  operation.    This group allows all to share information and learn about these awesome radios from the people that operate them.

When joining the group, put your name and amateur call in the comment box so that I know that you are actually interested in the Omni VII and are not a spammer.   I do verify amateur calls as being valid.  Let me reiterate.....no name & no call submitted......no approval. 

1. Keep it civil! No name calling or personal attacks. Violation of this rule will result in the violator being banned.  This is your only warning.  If you have a problem tell a moderator via email, not the rest of the group via a group posted message.

2. Stay on topic!  Posts should be related to the Omni  VII radios only.    Posts unrelated to the group topic will be deleted.

Thank you

Bob, K4TAX

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