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G'day... :)

(I'm sending this to the group as well as direct to you, Michael...)

Sometime on Mon, 25 Sep 2000, you wrote:

Hmmm, it took me a while to figure out what my email program was
telling me in the sender field! Now you too can experience the
phenomenon. What're the odds...?!
Well, for a while there I was wondering why my email program was sending me a
copy of a message I had sent to someone else...

The odds must be incredible.

And further to stretch things, I have a very good email friend in Sudbury,
Ontario, whom I've been corresponding with for many years now. - about the
*only* person I regularly correspond with... :) I wonder how far Sudbury is
from you...?

The more, the merrier.
Good... :) As I may have mentioned, the only Tek gear I have is an old TM503
with a DM501A and three custom plugin kits... :) I have uses planned for all
those, for Ham Radio test gear. The DMM was faulty, but fortunately it came
with manuals and I was able to repair it. :)

Sounds like a good place to have been.
It was *very* good. Conditions were excellent, as were the tools and equipment
(natch). We were, as I remember then, "committed to technical excellence."
I certainly believed so, and (I hope) my work reflected that.

I lucked out a while ago, getting a 7603(13?) in good condition,
with manuals & scopemobile, for the equivalent of under U$200!
Wow! Over here, that's about $400, but allowing for the generally lower
commodity prices in the US (about half) I guess I'm getting a good deal at
around $600. That's with the 7B53A, and I like a mixed sweep... :) It
apparently comes with two 7A26's as well. I'll be very happy if I can arrange

Even better, a friend and I have been cleaning out the local university's
tube units (and other old things) for typically $5 each!!! If I can
get my 1S1 1GHz sampling plug going, I'll be REAL happy.
I bet! :) I understand such things *have* happened here, but you have to be
*very* lucky...

BTW, I wonder if there are any other Aussies on this list...?

Also BTW, I recently came across a site called "Bill & Stan's TEKTRONIX
resource site". They have reprinted some of the cartoons from the old service
manuals. That was a real "blast from the past" for me. <g>

Kind regards to all,


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