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Hello, and welcome to the group. There's only about 10 of us so far, so if you can dig up some more members, or have ideas on finding more, great! I know there are tons of ham lists on eGroups -- I'll get around to *them* when my spectrum analyzer is ready! :-)

Although I've been aware of these instruments for a long time, and even used one about 20 years ago, it wasn't until I found a cheap source (don't ask! :-) that I became interested in acquiring some, more for actual use than to collect. They're just too big to want to have too many!

My present "good" collection includes a 502A dual-beam differential (newer version with PCB amps) and a 549 bistable split-screen storage with 1A4 & 1A5 plug-ins. (BTW, can anyone point out any real advantage to a scope like the 502 having dual beams...? On a scope with storage or multiple plug-ins, I can see some advantages, but the 502 has neither.) I also have a 1S1 sampling plug-in, and am awaiting the arrival of a manual to help me get it going again. The main problem might just be the missing diodes (sampling bridge and a few others). I'm hoping these are PIN or Schottky, and can be sub'd with something easily available.

My "less-good" scopes include an older 502A (with ceramic-strip amps) and a 556, a monster dual-beam that takes 2 plug-ins. Actually, this one probably just needs a bit of cleaning up to get it into good shape. I have a bunch of 1A1 2-channel plug-ins for it too.

As much as I hate to strip equipment like this, I'm certainly willing to do so with at least the older 502 and the 1A1s. If anyone needs parts, or whole units, get in touch.

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