Very educational to learn about equipment washing.

I did work one place where we washed new boards in a domestic
dishwasher just like dirty plates and then gave them a burn in.
There were a few burn-in failures but very few in service.

When I came to clean my old Tek equipment, not knowing another
method, I used the way I had been taught to clean glassware in a
chemistry lab prior to analytical work, first clean down with
detergent solution (I use an industrial detergent know as "Red
Juice", probably the same as "Simple Green") and a brush, rinse off
with tap water then rinse again using a chemist's wash bottle with
distilled water. Finally use a chemist's wash bottle with alcohol
(ethyl or isopropyl) to dry off the water.

I then lightly coat the clean edge connectors with Cramolin.

I may have been too careful, but I did no harm.

Miroslav said he was Finnish and that he drank tap water, unlike any
Finn I have met. One whose name was Pekaa was icefishing on a cold
day without a hat and his ears were frostbitten. A companion
said "Pekaa, your ears must be hurting, put on your hat". Pekaa
replied "It hurts a lot but last year I was fishing and someone asked
me if I wanted a drink and I didnt hear him".