Wanted: Tektronix 067-0645-0X TM 500 flexible extender (or equivalent)



I know there were some mentioned in this group, but it seems they are now gone.

Does anybody know about any still available for sale, even in kit form ?

Thank you all,



I'm sorry that I don't remember if I got them on ebay or just some website, but a year or two ago I bought a couple of "game console" service extender harnesses, that only require that you cut a few traces apart in order to make them work for TM500 stuff. I bought two of 'em and cut the correct traces and they work like a champ. Were REALLY inexpensive as well.

Wish I had more info. I can get you a photo of one of mine if that would help....



Hi Tom,

Thank you  for the hint !

Yes, a photo would be quite helpful, thanks !



Soon as I figure out how to send you a photo I'll get it on the way!

Peter H

You're looking for a "JAMMA" extender. There are different versions around, so buyer beware.
You will need to remove some wires, and typically cut a key slot and possible separate some contact pads.
It's also a good idea to insert a key in the connector to prevent yourself from plugging a module in backwards.
I put some pictures of one that I modified as a TM500 extender on https://w140.com/tekwiki/wiki/TM500_system/Repairs with these changes highlighted.