Type 576 HV transfomer replacement part, Progress



I have received my prototype 576 HV Transformer. It is installed and working as I type. I am in the process of "burning in" the prototype. I will operate the instrument for a minimum of 48 hours before I order any of these parts and before offering for sale.

This is a MADE in the USA Part, so the quality is very high. The factory that is making these is not selling these to anyone else, they are a custom build for me, not off the shelf items.

This is a Functional Equivalent of TEKTRONIX p/n 120-0612-03. Built using the specifications provided on that TEKTRONIX Drawing.

Dimensions are 43mm dia and 31mm deep. The core is a round profile with a single mounting hole through the center of the core.

You can find the photos here:

I verified voltages on my test unit and they are well within the original TEKTRONIX specifications.

-4kV = -3869 VDC
225V = 229.6 VDC

I will be ordering some of these and placing them for sale, initially to group members at preferred pricing and on a first come - first served basis. I will also offer them on E-Bay as well, if there are any left from the initial order; however the price on E-bay will be somewhat higher (This is to cover the exorbitant fees that E-Bay charges sellers). Members of this forum may contact me OFF-LIST for additional information. Cost to members of this forum will be $107.50 each, this includes free USPS PRIORITY MAIL Shipping to the USA only. INTERNATIONAL Customers will be charged $107.50 USD, plus applicable USPS postage to your location. I have shipped very little to international customers, so I have no idea what the cost will be. The USPS Website is very vague and variable as to the cost of international shipping. Payment will be accepted through PayPal.

These DO NOT look like the originals, however, they will mount in the original position and still allow the cover to fit onto the HV section. (See Pictures File)

There are two different mounting methods. I drilled a single hole, centered between the original holes on the HV back plate and mounted the XFMR directly in the original location. I am also willing to 3D print a small adapter to allow those who do not wish to drill their unit to mount this, using the original holes. Installation will require some additional minor hardware to complete the installation. I will supply a transformer, instructions and with or without the printed mount (per your instructions).

Wiring is exactly as original, per the LATE model TYPE 576 Service Manual Schematic. Be aware that the OLDER version of some manuals show a different number sequence on the primary side leads. If you wire this transformer up as the old schematic shows, it could be damaged and certainly will not work.

I will include instructions, schematics, BOM and other information with each unit that is purchased.

I expect to order the initial order about Jan 5th and it is expected to take about 6 weeks to receive the parts. This is due to the fact that the cores on the XFMR have a custom "Non-standard" gap, machined to match the Original design specification. Based on this timetable, I would expect the first units to arrive here about the last week of February 2020. I will ship any paid orders immediately, at that time.

Again, Contact me OFF LIST for any further questions or details.



Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR