Thinning the herd

Paul Amaranth

I have a number of scopes in various condition that I'd like
to get rid of. I don't want to ship these, so pickup only or
I can meet you part way if it's not too far. Everything is
located a bit out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

4) 465 for parts or restoration $140 for all 4 - 3 of them
look pretty complete, one's missing some knobs. Condition
unknown. I got these on a pallet from a service company
with the idea of refurbishing them, but I'm not going to
get to that. I'm trying to trim the project queue to
something I could reasonable get through in 20 years.

2) 468 - one sort of works, looks like it needs filter caps,
and may have other issues. The other is a parts scope,
missing knobs, pieces, etc $40 for both.

2.5) 422 One works fine, I refurbished it a couple years ago,
One needs repair, one is a parts chassis without
power supply or cabinet. The 2 complete scopes have
the AC supply. $50 for the lot.

1) 5223 10MHz with digital storage, includes 5A18, 5A48
and 5B10N plugins. Condition - unknown.

1) 5440 60MHz with 2) 5A48 and 1) 5B31 plugins
$35 Condition - unknown.

Buy a bunch and get a quantity discount :-) Offers considered.

Eventually I'll have a list of 5000 plugins; they're packed in
a box somewhere at the moment.

Send me a note OFF-LIST and I can send pics.

Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Manchester MI, USA
Aurora Group of Michigan, LLC | Security, Systems & Software
paul@... | Unix/Linux - We don't do windows