The pouch and handle to a 2465 #photo-notice

Lawrance A. Schneider

I installed MacOS 11.1 on my system. I like Macs as the base system is linux. HOWEVER, I'm having a seemingness endless series of problems since the install. So, I'm having communication problems.

I don't know if I've done something wrong but, I have placed some pictures of a 2465 pouch and handle in 'Photos' . There are 6 photos - I only wanted to post 4. As soon as the people who wanted to see them have done so, ( see above ) I hope Dennis or I remove them. They are only temporary.

In any event, the picture of the 2465 IS the scope from which the handle and pouch came. The pouch has NO serial number on it; nor does the handle. The handle and pouch are for sale. The front cover ( 200-3199-00 ) has been sold (Jared); I'm awaiting some Postal boxes the buyer is sending to me.

Again, I don't know if 'this' is allowed but:

The HP 8594E in the pictures is for sale - I've not put it on ebay as of yet. It has options 004, 041, 053, 101, 130 and 140 . Works great. If interested, I have photos of it in action. Make an offer; I'd rather sell it to one of the lists to which I belong than on ebay.

The Rigol DS4014 is also for sale. It has been upgraded to a DS4054 (500meg) with ALL OPTIONS. AGAIN, I have pictures of it in action.

The HP 8112A and 8116A are for sale as I want to buy a more substantial Function Generator. I fixed the 8112A.

The 2465DBM IS NOT FOR SALE!! NOR THE 2465. I've managed to fix both and they are my babies.

If I've broke some cardinal rule, I am sorry.



On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 05:56 PM, Lawrance A. Schneider wrote:

If I've broke some cardinal rule, I am sorry.
Yes, you have, since MacOS isn't built on Linux but on BSD Unix...


Lawrance A. Schneider

Yes, you are correct! I was simply hoping to not get into trouble and not thinking very hard.