Tektronix R7704 parts

Pilant, L Mark (Mark) <mpilant@...>

I finally got tired of tripping over an R7704 hulk I had
laying around. I decided to strip it down, and see if I
could find homes for the various parts.

If you have an R7704 (and I suspect 7704, but not 7704A)
and need some parts let me know. If I have it, I'll send
it to you for the cost of postage.

The unit didn't work well enough to test the CRT, but the
filament is good. Also, the HV supply appears to work; as
I was getting some arcing when I disconnected it after applying
power to see if I could get a trace on the CRT.

I did not save any of the metal frame except for the front


- Mark N1VQW