Tektronix 7A24

Andrew Campbell <service@...>

Hi All,

I am looking for the following Tektronix parts:

317-0392-00 RES.,FXD,CMPSN:3.9K OHM,5%,0.125W
307-1020-00 ATTENUATOR,FXD:50 OHM,2X
307-1023-00 ATTENUATOR,FXD:50 OHM,5X
307-1024-00 ATTENUATOR,FXD:50 OHM,10X

1 of each would be great at this stage and if anyone has 2 of each I would
like to know.

Best Regards,



Hi, Andrew,

The 317- resistors are standard stock items in many catalogs. I may
have one here, though in case you're having a nasty time trying to
find one.

Regarding the 307- attenuators, are these the thick-film-on-ceramic
resistors that slide over two metal pegs and get a spring clip on top
to hold them in place? I think the 7A19 uses them. If so, I may
have some. I gathered up several of them with the idea of using them
to make a really hot 50 ohm switchable attenuator one day. Never got
around to it and ended up finding a pair of hp 355 attenuators
instead. Let me know and I'll look up the parts.