Tek parts, tubes, etc.



we have a lot of tek parts and tubes, CRT's etc. for 5000/7000 and
some 400 series units. you can browse through what's sorted and on
line at:


To help with repairs, there is also a CRT cross reference, and tek
part number to JEDEC cross reference for many 1N/2N and IC parts. In
the tube section, we do have some tek special tubes, selected by
whatever mysterious criteria they thought was important, as well as
some commonly needed Tek tubes like 7119's etc. for the generators,
and some nuvistors for the older 400 series scopes.

sadly, we can't be much help with older tube 500 series scopes,
except for CRT's and some miniature HV rectifier tubes, and 6080's.
we also have the tek cross reference data to 1984 for semis, and can
help with some items not listed on oline for cross-reference data,
but these requests are done as we have time, so be patient. In the
NEW ARRIVALS section, we also just got dozens of Tek precision
capacitor kits for time bases and generators, if you need them.

I will add a link to this mail list into the Tek section later this
month as well. Anybody in Canada may also be interested in the fact
we will be moving shortly, and will have a lot of older Tek scrap we
have to get rid of. shipping is reasonable within Canada for that
kind of stuff, so might be useful to somebody.

all the best,
walter walter2@sphere.bc.ca