Tek microfiche -- how many unique versions of manuals are there?

John Griessen

On 9/8/19 9:38 AM, bobh@... wrote:
I agree with you about figuring out how to help get more out of the equipment that many folks here already donated to helping the Tek museum acquire.? Why repeat what already has been achieved pretty well.
On 9/8/2019 6:21 AM, ArtekManuals wrote:

1)I suspect the limitation with the quality of the reproduction is not with the scanning process but with the actual ability to get a crisp image from the microfiche, I think the "grain size" of the photo emulsion in the fiche is the limiting factor here. A few years I took a? fiche to a professional conversion house and decided that the resulting quality was neither worth the time or the effort, let alone the cost

2) My other thought is I was under the impression you all went through this exercise with the purchase of the of the special scanner for the Tek museum last year. Don't they essentially have a set of the microfiche which is comparable to this set? Why are we not trying to solve the problem of how to get more of their fiche converted?

That sample scan is pretty good! The biggest problem seems to be finding what you want scanned in the stacks of possible candidates... Are there as many versions of documents as is suggested by the repeat publishings of them? How would that be discovered at lower cost than scanning all versions?

Greg Muir

I possess a few Tek microfiche and have never had any problems with resolution on a standard optical microfiche reader. They are quite well done.

If there are ongoing questions regarding resolution issues I suggest one look at a microfiche optically in a good microfiche reader. If there are ongoing questions about any methods to achieve maximum resolution to produce readable scans in regards to available equipment maybe it would be acceptable to sponsor a Gofundme page for those who are demanding fiche scans to contribute to to purchase an automated high-resolution scanner. The Tek Museum comes to mind as the central recipient where this would work.

Having a high-resolution scanner that can turn out a couple hundred fiches per hour would become a simple way to get the job done with minimal operator intervention. And, yes they are very expensive. But if this is as important as it appears from all of the postings on this site I am sure that a few dollars from members would not break the bank.