Tek house semiconductors available at stuff day


I had several requests for some common Tek parts that are hard to get, and often seem to fail at the most inconvenient times. Ass it happens, I have some quantities of a few of these, so I put them up cheaply on the Tek section at Stuff Day, including the ubiquitous 155-0078-10 high performance amp (looks like a gold spider), the 151-0488-00 bridges, and the common Tek power transistors, including the 151-0140-00, and the 151-0349-00 and 151-0373 used in the TM500 series frames as pass transistors.

There is also a nice assortment of high end Tek probes and parts, and a bunch of 11K scope spare boards. We would love for them to be gone, so offers really appreciated there.

Let me know of any more special requests, I will get them up before the page closes at the end of summer. Once summer is over, the page will remain (and you can still get items as they last), but no items get added again until Christmas Season.

all the best, and thanks to everybody that visited the stuff season page, we really appreciated it! I actually have some clean floor and shelf space now, Susan is so pleased.

-walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.