Tek 7313


Hi all,

Picked up a Tek 7313 from a local lad via Facebook. He didn't actually know what it was but thought it looked cool, bless him.

Anyway, it does power up, however hums quite loudly and doesn't function.

So far, all supply rail voltages I've checked or found test points for are low.

250V > 135
130V > 110
+50 > 35
+15 > 13.7
-15 > -13.7
-75 > -55

Not yet tracked down the -50V test point yet.

Problem is, its clear someone has been in here before, a very long time ago, and I'm finding bad solder joints and some lifted tracks pads, all under what appears to be a thick layer of farm dust/dirt.

It had a dual timebase plug in as well as a differential module and all the original documentation from new for these modules and the mainframe itself.

But I'm not sure if it's a write off? The entire top 1/3 of the chassis is covered in dirt which will likely need a full strip down and clean.

Luckily the plug in modules themselves are in relatively clean state with less debris in that area.

Tomorrow I'll try and upload a photo or two of the states it's in.

Thanks, Taylor