Tek 576 CT CRT replacement with an LCD or LED or VGA adaptor ?


Could the Tek 576 CT CRT be replaced with an LCD or LED display module, Or a VGA adaptor ?

-- What are the signal details(amplitude, frequency) going to the 576 CRT that could be picked off for such a conversion ?

-- Presumably a small conversion module would have to be built, interfacing the old 576 signals to a standard VGA LCD module.
How difficult could that be ?

-- Could an Epiphan video converter module(various versions),
using one of their "obscure video modes" be used ( perhaps with a small conversion PCB) to do this ?



I see that Ed has some pertinent information about doing this for the 576:

in message: 01/08/20 #162991

Does anyone have any further technical details ?

thank you,